Why a Landscaper Can Get the Most Out of Your Exterior

One of the first questions we get from the people in our community is “Why do I even need a landscaper?”.

And don’t worry – we never get offended.

We get it. When it comes to taking care of your exterior, it often seems like the type of thing that anyone can do themselves. If you buckle down, put in your hardest work, and stay on top of things, your lawn will look great, your flower beds will bloom beautifully, and your hardscapes will stay well maintained and pristine.

At least, that’s the myth.

The truth is it’s not so simple to get amazing results for your exterior. Although anyone can be trained and learn the best methods, it takes a lot of time and is something not just everyone can do.

The greenest lawns, lushest flower beds, and sleekest patios and walkways don’t just get there through hard work. You need a professional touch. Here, at SML Services, we’re going to explain just what it means when you get expertise for your lawn, and the top reasons you can’t afford to go without it.

Let’s get started.

The Greenest Grass

Lots of people assume that with consistent mowing and watering, their grass can be as green as possible. But it’s simply not true. Lots more goes into getting green grass, and mot all of it is something you can do yourself. Here are aspects you want a professional to take care of:

  • Nutrition: All soil has a different make-up and needs different types of nutrition. Although all lawn fertilizer uses the same types of elements, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, not every lawn bed requires the same percentage of these elements. To get the most out of your lawn, you need an experienced team that will test the composition of your soil and guarantee that it gets the optimum amount and type of fertilizer to make your grass grow.
  • Aeration: This is an essential step in the care of your lawn, but it’s not something you can do easily. It requires well-maintained and new equipment to evenly aerate the soil. We use a type of plug aeration that gets deep into the soil to allow better nutrition, water distribution, and thatch management.
  • Sodding: In areas of your lawn that are dead or dying, it can be helpful to add sod. But if you do this yourself, it may not take, instead withing to a brown mess of dead grass. With a professional service, we make sure that we install sod where it’s most needed, and we maintain and care for it to make sure it becomes part of your greener lawn for a long time.

These are just several ways that a professional landscaping service will help your lawn. We also do consistent mowing, irrigation, seeding to supplement these unique benefits, ensuring that your grass is always lush and healthy.

Beautiful Flower Beds, Gardens, and Shrubs

Hiring a landscaper for your flower beds, gardens, and other plants offers a similar benefit to doing so for your lawn.

These components of your exterior are usually the gems that stand out the most. The last thing you want for these centerpieces is for them to look shabby, dead, or overrun. Here are some reasons to hire a landscaper for these spaces:

  • Expert Design: Anyone can plant a flower bed, but not every flower bed looks the same. If you are planting your own flower bed or garden, they can turn out haphazard and random. This will prevent you from making the impression you want. To always optimize your flower beds or gardens, you need an experienced eye to design the space. We make sure that every plant works together to create a unified and beautiful garden.
  • Care and Maintenance: Plants and flowers require consistent and expert care to grow and continue to bloom. You want to make sure that every plant is getting the nutrition and water that it needs – and every plant has different needs. When you’re approaching your gardens on your own, it can be hard to keep track. A landscaper will provide the care, in terms of watering, fertilization, and pruning, that allows every plant to blossom and stand out in your garden.
  • Winter Preparation: The freezing cold of winter can be a death sentence to your garden or flower bed, but when you have a professional service looking out for you, you can ensure you get the necessary preparation to be ready for the spring. We will check the soil, prune the perennials, protect your delicate flowers.

There’s no way around it. A professional hand is the only way to ensure that your gardens are as beautiful as they can be.

Professional Hardscapes

Lastly, the benefit of hiring a professional landscaper extends to your hardscapes as well. Although you could get pavers to pour concrete, or maybe even build a deck yourself, these spaces will never be as optimized to feel like an extension of your living space.

The best patios, walkways, pool areas, and stairs only come from landscaping professionals who have years of experience learning the best tricks of the trade.

  • Optimized Design: Like your flower beds and gardens, you want your hardscaped areas to be expertly planned and well thought out. They should be relaxing places that feel like extensions of your interior space. A hardscape should be a long-term investment. They will be there for years, which means they should be both perfectly designed and expertly executed. You can’t afford to waste this investment on subpar contractors. Get a landscaper who knows what they’re doing.
  • Detail-Oriented Maintenance: Any hardscape is going to require consistent maintenance to keep nature at bay. You could try to do this yourself, but if the space is going to last for a long time and always look pristine, you need a professional service. When you hire a landscaper, they will take care of many aspects: soil erosion, water damage, stone displacement, weeds and unwanted grass, sediment removal, and more. This all takes a lot of time, even for an expert, so to keep your grass maintained.

For beautifully designed and carefully maintained hardscapes, a professional landscaping service is the only choice you have.


The work that goes into keeping your exterior looking amazing might seem achievable – but oftentimes the experience is not.

There’s only one way to keep your outdoors as well-designed, taken care of, and maintained as possible. That’s a professional service.

If you live in Washington DC or the surrounding area, the best choice for this service is SML Services. We know how to deliver exceptional service for your lawn, gardens, and hardscapes, giving you the best exteriors around.

If you’ve already benefitted from our professional services, let us know how we helped in the comments! And to book your own service, be sure to call us at (202) 972-0750.