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We pride ourselves in Providing high quality service in a professional manner." We also realize another area that needs to be addressed, Our Youth, hence the tagline, EMPOWERING THE COMMUNITY BY PROVIDING JOBS FOR OUR YOUTH. With little experience and seasonal work in the DMV our younger generations are left with too little skill, too little income, and too much idle time, which creates a recipe for destruction. Our goal is to fill those voids and reduce the problems, through employment. In doing so our youth will learn and earn promoting safer streets and more productive citizens.

SML in the Community

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One guy, one vision, and the will to succeed. I had my daughter when I was 18 years old which was alot to handle as a young man but I knew one thing I vowed to take care of my responsibilities. This was a wake up call for me instead of going to school I went straight to work, but with no experience and just a high-school diploma pay was low and was not enough to take care of me let alone a child and little brother and sister. Also, at the time my mother was laid off from her job and my father was working little petty jobs here and there. Something had to be done I started selling marijuana in order to provide income for my family and make a better way. After being arrested and serving minimal time in jail, I decided to change my life. Completing probation, going through local programs, self help tapes, getting charges expunged from my record. Starting from sheer necessity and the will to change his life birthed what is known today as SML Services, LLC. Providing Jobs For The Youth

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A luscious, thick lawn is the hallmark of a beautiful property, but establishing healthy and consistent growth involves time and dedication. Washington, DC homeowners and renters greatly value their lawns but rarely have the time to care for them properly. That’s why we started SML Services. Our goal is to help residents of Washington, DC attain the yard they deserve through high quality work and our communicative approach to landscaping.

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Landscaping and Yard Services

At SML Services, we believe in offering a comprehensive service. Nobody should need to have multiple companies take care of their lawn. That’s why we offer services such as:

  • Design; if you have an idea you’ve been unable to pull off, or if you just want a new look – our specialists can create a property that neighbors envy.
  • Hardscape; patios and walkways are just the beginning of what our team is capable of.
  • Irrigation; maintaining the health of your lawn is great but overwatering can actually harm the appearance of your yard and even cause damage to your property.
  • Landscaping; from planting new shrubberies to garden installations, our landscaping services can meet the most particular needs.
  • Lawn care; cutting the lawn is something few of us have time for. At SML Services our expert team provides regular scheduled (or one time) cutting, weeding, and upkeep.

Greener Grass, Healthier Yards

Washington, DC can be a busy place and few of us have the time in our busy lives to take care of the green spaces of our property. At SML Services, we can help. Our incredible team of dedicated property professionals is able to provide maintenance and design services that will leave your lawn greener than ever, and your neighbors green with envy.

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