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Lawn Aeration Service

If you’re struggling with growing healthy grass, there are a few different approaches you can take. Lawn aeration is one of them, and we’ve seen it work wonders on plenty of unique properties in the local area. SML Services can help you decide whether lawn aeration is the right choice for your property and conduct the service for you, all at a great price.

To learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration, read on. To book an on-site consultation with our landscaping experts, dial (202) 425-1872.

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Understanding the Process of Soil Aeration

Lawn aeration is completed using a core aerator—a machine that creates small holes in the soil of your lawn. Over time, your grass will develop a layer of thatch. While a bit of thatch isn’t bad, it can buildup and block out the nutrients your grass needs to continue to grow. Aeration loosens the thatch by creating punctures that allow oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the grass’ root more easily.

Our team has a nuanced understanding of aeration. We will be able to quickly identify why your lawn is suffering and the best way to move forward, be it with aeration or another strategy.

If you want to know if aeration is the right choice for your lawn, contact us and book an on-site assessment today.

Reap the Benefits of Lawn Aeration Services

There are many benefits to investing in professional aeration services. Let’s explore just a few!

  • Improving the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere
  • Improving fertilizer uptake
  • Enhancing soil water uptake
  • Reducing soil compaction
  • Reducing runoff and puddling
  • Stronger grass roots
  • Improved resiliency of your grass
  • Enhanced heat and drought tolerance

If you want to learn more about how your grass will benefit from aeration, let us know. We’re always happy to chat with you and answer questions.

Work with a Landscaping Team that Offers Professional Core Aeration

While poking a few holes in your lawn may seem easy enough, lawn aeration isn’t as simple as it may seem. Investing in professional aeration will guarantee that your yard reaps the benefits of the aeration process.

In addition to having the tools for the job, our team has a keen knowledge of sophisticated lawn care practices that we look forward to sharing with you.

Find Great Rates on Yard Aeration

On top of delivering aeration services that are reliable and professional, our team is also proud to offer competitive rates.

The total cost of your aeration service will depend on the size and condition of your property. If you’d like to receive an estimate, we invite you to reach us and book a consultation today.

Contact Us for Lawn Aeration and So Much More!

If you are looking to improve the look and feel of your lawn, aeration may be the right choice. Our team will be happy to survey your property and help you decide the best way forward.

Reach us by phone or email to discuss your lawn today!