From a distance, it can be hard to differentiate the good landscaping companies from the not-so-good ones. When you look at websites, everyone makes big promises and talks about their exceptional services.

No one’s being dishonest, but not all of these landscapers manage to live up to the hype. Are you able to tell which landscapers rise above the rest? Do you know how to discern the best from the rest? Let the landscape professionals at SML Services tell you what to look for in a landscaping company.

What Can the Landscaper Do for You?

A lot of landscapers like to say they’re full-service contractors—but every landscaping company is different. Some have certified arborists on their team, while others stick to routine lawn care services. Before you enter into an agreement with a landscaper, be sure to ask them to outline all of the services they offer. The more you know, the more you’ll know what to expect in the coming weeks.

Do They Offer Scheduled Lawn Services?

Most lawns need to be mowed at least once every week and a half in the warmer months. Some people even prefer to mow their lawn once a week. Is your landscaper willing to manicure your lawn on a regularly scheduled basis, or will you have to call them any time you need their services?

Are They Flexible?

Landscapers that are invested in customer satisfaction often offer regularly scheduled landscaping services. They’re also willing to work around your schedule. When looking for a landscaper, take note of the ones that are flexible in their scheduling—and the services they offer.

Where Do Their Plants and Shrubs Come from?

Have you ever asked a landscaper about the shrubs and plants that they plant on people’s properties? Maybe not. It is not a question that crosses the minds of many homeowners, but it is one whose answer can tell you a lot about a landscaping team.

You want to work with a landscaper that relies on plants and trees grown in your area—unless you specify otherwise. Why is this? Well, the reasoning is quite simple. For one, these plants will cost you a little less money, given the fact that they weren’t shipped across the country.

Secondly, a locally grown plant is more likely to thrive in your environment. Plants grown in other environments will be less accustomed to your area, and they may fall victim to disease and pests during their vulnerable adaptation period.

Do They Have Good Reviews?

Any landscaping company can say they are the best at what they do—but is anyone else saying so? Are there glowing YELP reviews? Can you find a single positive Google My Business review or even a Better Business Bureau rating? While a few negative reviews are out of many positive reviews is no reason to be alarmed—no one is perfect—an absence of positive reviews might be a sign they’re not the company to work with.

Can’t find any reviews anywhere? That just might be a sign the company is new. Ask if they have any references they’d be willing to provide you with. If you get the sense they’re still worth working with, it might be worth taking a chance on a new company while they’re still rising the ranks. And don’t forget to leave a review of your own!

How Experienced Is Your Landscaper’s Team?

There are a good number of landscaping companies that have been in operation for years but have a revolving door of uncommitted crew members.

These landscaping companies might be able to handle some jobs, but they may not have the drive—or experience—needed to handle more complex landscape design jobs. Our advice? Look for a landscaping company that has a dedicated crew of fulfilled and passionate professionals. Those are the ones that won’t just bring your ideas to life—they’ll elevate your concepts to new heights.

Are They Insured?

When it comes to irrigation services, tree removal, and even regular lawn care, accidents can happen. Be sure to ask about the insurance coverage and workplace hazard training of your potential landscapers.

Are you responsible for covering all property damage that occurs during a mishap? Don’t hesitate to inquire about these matters. The more you know, the more confident you’ll feel in your decision to move forward.

Do They Offer Consultations?

We all prize efficiency, but not at the cost of care and creativity. Is your landscaper willing to meet in person or speak over the phone regarding the upcoming project? If not, it is a sign that they’re a little less willing to tackle more demanding projects. Worse, it might be a sign they’re a little disorganized.

Look for the landscaper eager to brainstorm, collaborate, and get on the same page as you. Pay attention to how they listen, and take note of the input they offer. The consultation is vital to the success of the project, but it can also function as an interview of sorts.  

Are They Enthusiastic?

Everyone has good days and bad days on the job, but the best landscapers approach their job with a sense of positivity and a can-do attitude. Do you get a sense that your landscaper is willing to match your excitement and desire to transform your property? That might be a sign that they are the ones worth working with.

We’re the Ones to Call

We don’t mean to brag, but if our track record of success is any indication, we’re the landscaping company that meets—and exceeds—the expectations of people in our area. Families look to us for their weekend lawn care services, businesses look to us to lighten the workload, and everything in between.  

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