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SML Services offers exceptional mulching services in Washington, DC. We are well versed in all different types of mulch and have experience installing it in many different backyard settings.

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To correctly install mulch, many other layers of products are required to prevent the growth of pesky weeds from protruding through your lawn. You can rest assured that when our team of expert landscapers arrives at your door, they will be fully prepared with all the best tools and materials to ensure a high-quality installation.

The Many Benefits of Installing Mulch

Aside from the obvious benefit of added aesthetics, there are many other reasons to install mulch. It reduces the amount of yard maintenance and is an affordable decorative option. If you’re unsure whether or not to have mulch installed, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits to help you decide.

Prevents Weed Growth

Let’s face it, weeds are one of the more annoying aspects of maintaining our property. They seem to regrow the moment they’re removed, and the work feels endless. An excellent way to prevent the sight of weeds is to cover them with an attractive layer of mulch. This is a much more sustainable approach to the alternative, which is to spray them with garden chemicals.

Since weeds require sunlight and a warm temperature to grow, the growth will be hindered when mulch acts as a barrier to the sun. Not only does your property get an aesthetic overhaul with the presence of mulch, but you will be free from all the weed removal.

Helps the Soil Retain Moisture

Since mulch acts as a barrier from the heat and sun, the soil will benefit by retaining its moisture for much longer. This will also help since moisturized soil requires less watering.

On the contrary, if mulch is packed very densely, it can restrict water from entering the soil, causing it to try out. A great way around this is to install organic mulch as it is made from raw material, so naturally, it retains more moisture.

When you choose to work with a skilled landscaper like SML Services for proper mulching techniques, all these things will be considered to ensure we preserve the natural state of your soil.

Prevents Soil Erosion

A common side effect of excessive rainfall and prolonged dry weather is soil erosion. This can prevent grass growth and reduce the overall appeal of the property. When mulch is used as a barrier from extreme rain and heat, you can rest assured your soil will be preserved.

Provides Nutritious Benefits to The Soil

Like grass, soil requires nutrients to help promote its fertility and health. When you install organic mulch made from wood chips and bark, they will eventually decompose into the ground, adding nutrients.

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Maintaining your property doesn’t need to be as time-consuming as it often is. With the proper installation of the right materials, homeowners can save time and money on weed removal and a lot of other maintenance.

Installing mulch doesn’t only add to the aesthetic appeal of your property but also hinders the growth of unwanted weeds. SML Services has years of experience installing mulch, and our team is equipped with the best tools and equipment on the market. With our customer-centric approach and competitive prices, your experience with us won’t be beaten!

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