Hardscaping Services in Washington, DC

Hardscaping plays a significant role in your outdoor space's overall function and curb appeal, and its importance shouldn’t be overlooked. For years SML Services has been creating custom hardscape design for homeowners and business owners in and around Washington, DC. Whether you are hoping to build a patio space for entertaining or if you need a retaining wall built for more functional purposes, our team is happy to help.

Reach us by phone or email to schedule an on-site consultation and get started on your hardscaping project.

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Meet with Our Hardscaping Contractors

When you want to invest in hardscaping for your property, our experts invite you to contact us. We will take the time to understand the vision you have for your property and how we can help you achieve it. Whether your hardscaping pursuits are focused on the aesthetic value of your property, or if they’ll help your space function better, we will take your lead when creating a project plan.

Our experts will also be happy to introduce you to the industry’s best materials, from natural stone to concrete slabs, bricks, tiles, and everything in between.

Build a Beautiful Outdoor Hardscape with Professional Patio Construction

When people think outdoor living, they often think patio. Patios are a fantastic foundation for any outdoor living space, whether you want to incorporate a seating area, exterior dining, or an outdoor kitchen. Our team has years of extensive experience building patios of all shapes, sizes, and materials, and we look forward to helping you design and construct your very own.

Our team always prioritizes the planning stages of your patio construction to ensure the installation goes off without a hitch. If you’re ready to get started, we invite you to book an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience.

Reliable Retaining Wall Construction from Our Hardscaping Company

There are so many ways to use retaining walls on your commercial or residential property – let’s explore just a few!

Retaining walls can:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Create visual interest
  • Maintain stability on sloped landscapes
  • Allow for gardens to be built

Enjoy Highly Personalized Hardscaping Design

Every property owner has a different vision when it comes to investing in landscaping, and our team wants to learn about yours. When you reach us, we’ll discuss your inspiration and your overall goals for the project and work tirelessly to bring your vision to fruition without delay.

We are also happy to work around your budgetary constraints and schedule.

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When the time comes to invest in professional hardscaping, SML Services wants to hear from you. We are happy to provide a range of services from patio construction to retaining wall design and everything in between.  We look forward to helping you increase the overall value of your home or business property, and we can’t wait to get to work!

Reach us by phone or email to schedule an on-site consultation with our experts and start enjoying your new hardscapes in no time!