At SML Services, we work every day with clients who are trying to create their perfect outdoor oasis. As an industry leader for landscaping in Washington, DC, we understand that no two clients will ever have the same dream. Everyone has a different way to use, decorate, and enjoy their property. SML oversees all aspects of landscape design and construction, and will work with you every step of the way. We encourage our clients to bring their creativity and imagination to the table! We will be delighted to turn your outdoor dreams into tangible realities. There are countless advantages to having a wonderful landscape design on your property. In addition to the significant resale value it will add to your property, a landscape layout provides thousands of hours of serenity and enjoyment. Your loved ones will gather here, taking in the wonders of nature. We at SML Services have put together the following useful information for clients considering landscape work. Carefully assessing your needs and desires will create a perfect landscape environment that becomes an extension of your life and living space. Your Property Before the work begins, we’ll need a very good understanding of your property and features. Think about the land you have. What is the terrain? Is it flat and clear, or hilly and wooded? You’ll need to determine the way water drains from your property, and places where soil erosion may be an issue. An important component is the sun and shade your property receives. This will help us decide how to layout your landscape, and recommend plants and flowers to enhance your natural environment. Do you have any special features on your property? It could be a majestic old tree, a unique rock formation, or a creek. Your landscape can be designed to enhance this distinct attribute! Your Space How do you picture you and your loved ones using your yard? Maybe you envision a wonderful summer barbecue for dozens, or an intimate garden party. Perhaps you’d like endless outdoor terrace and patio space, or mostly gardens and flower beds. Think about not only what features you’d like, but about the layout as well. Just like your home, your landscape design must have a logical flow to it. Picture guests coming into your yard from the house or from the street. How would you like them to move through your property? SML works hard to get to know you and your family, and the way you live. By considering your values, priorities and routines, your landscape design can be as useful as possible all year round! Your Plants It goes without saying that the hallmark of any yard is the beautiful plants. Whether you have rows of spectacular flowers, elegantly shaped shrubs, or tall trees, choosing the right plants for your space has significant impacts. We are experts in the flowers and plants that thrive here in Washington, DC. If you would like an idea of which to choose, a good place to start is often by having a walk down your street and seeing what the neighbors have growing. When you’re ready to start your landscape construction journey, contact the experts at SML Services. You’ll be so glad you did!